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We are a results-oriented intellectual property and commercial litigation boutique with big firm experience, attractive small firm rates, and a long history of putting our clients’ interests ahead of our own.  We understand the financial pressures that our clients face and use our extensive experience and judgment to quickly assess and resolve our clients’ disputes without needlessly incurring legal expenses. We are trusted advisers to our clients because of our long history of delivering what we promise at the lowest possible cost, showing our clients that we care more about their bottom line than extracting the highest possible attorney's fees. Our in-house experience gives us unique business insight and allows us to approach our clients’ legal issues from a business perspective.


Our experience allows us to seamlessly work with our clients and their in-house counsel, and to help make decisions that take into account their long term business interests and financial considerations. Our representative cases reflect our focus on efficient litigation and our desire to resolve disputes without protracted, years-long litigation whenever possible. Our philosophy is that almost all disputes have a reasonable business solution, and that "win-at-all-costs," scorched-earth litigation is rarely appropriate in the context of most clients' business and financial situations. However, we also understand that the best way to resolve disputes short of the courthouse is to relentlessly prepare each case for trial, and our experience allows us to do this for our clients in the most efficient way possible.

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