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Cabello Hall Zinda Prevails in Long-Running Battle with Apple

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved complete victory on behalf of Identity Security, LLC in a long-running battle against Apple before the U.S. Patent Office. As a brief overview, in 2021, Apple filed an inter partes review (IPR) petition challenging each of Identity Security’s four asserted patents. Based on the arguments and evidence presented in our preliminary response, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board denied all four petitions on the merits, finding that Apple had failed to show a reasonable likelihood of success in showing that any challenged claim was unpatentable. The Board also denied all four of Apple’s requests for rehearing.


Apple then filed six requests for ex parte reexamination with the USPTO against the asserted patents, alleging a substantial question of patentability based on prior art not asserted in the IPRs. While the USPTO instituted re-exam proceedings based on Apple’s petitions, based on the arguments and evidence we presented after institution (without amending any claims), the Examiner ultimately concluded that none of the claims were unpatentable. The patentability of all claims as originally issued was then confirmed in ex parte reexamination certificates.


These results reflect years of hard work and dedication by our team and further demonstrate the innovative nature of Identity Security’s technology.

Decision Denying Institution of IPR
Download PDF • 42KB


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