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Cabello Hall Zinda Defeats Apple, Inc.

We are proud to announce that we have defeated Apple Inc. in four inter partes review proceedings (IPR2022-00170/171/172/173) challenging the validity of our client Identity Security, LLC's innovative encryption technology. In all four proceedings the Patent Trial and Appeal Board ("Board") ruled that we prevailed on the merits and that Apple had not established a reasonable likelihood of demonstrating any patent claim was invalid based on the prior art.

We are particularly proud of our team and these results given the unique challenges we faced in preparing these responses. When we were first contacted about these petitions, the deadline to file a preliminary response had already passed by a full month in all four proceedings. We immediately began assessing the petitions and reached out to the Board seeking permission to file preliminary responses. While we ultimately obtained permission, we only had 1-month to file all four preliminary responses rather than the ordinary 3-month response window.

Despite having only a small fraction of the time we would ordinarily have, not only were we able to prepare detailed and comprehensive preliminary responses to each petition, we were also able to retain a phenomenal expert in the field, Dr. Samuel Russ, and use his testimony to support our responses. Ultimately, the Board found that we were far more credible than Apple and its expert witness.

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