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Cabello Hall Zinda Secures Institution Decisions Against Three SPM Oil & Gas Patents

We are pleased to announce that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board has granted institution of all petitions we filed on behalf of Kerr Machine Co. Specifically, we filed a petition for post-grant review (PGR2022-00033) and two petitions for inter partes (IPR2022-00881/00882) review challenging three patents asserted by SPM Oil & Gas Inc. The Board found that Kerr carried its burden of showing that it is likely to prevail with respect to all three petitions and accordingly instituted trial in each proceeding. The institution decisions are available below:

Paper_10 2022.10.24 IPR2022-00882 Decision Granting Institution of IPR
Download PDF • 933KB
Paper_10 2022.10.24 IPR2022-00881 Decision Granting Institution of IPR
Download PDF • 1.06MB
Paper_10 2022.10.24 Decision Granting Institution of Post-Grant Review
Download PDF • 1.33MB

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