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Cabello Hall Zinda, PLLC Official Opening Press Release!


Mark Hayden

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Former Compaq Computer General Counsel Announces New Intellectual Property and Commercial Litigation Boutique Law Firm in Houston

HOUSTON — Aug. 30, 2019 — Former Compaq Computer Corp. General Counsel J.

David Cabello announced today the formation of a new firm with two other highly

successful attorneys. All three attorneys were most recently with Blank Rome LLP.

Cabello Hall Zinda PLLC is a Houston-based intellectual property and commercial

litigation boutique law firm that leverages its attorneys’ big law firm expertise — at

attractive small law firm rates — for companies doing business throughout the United


James H. Hall and Steven D. Zinda join Cabello to represent clients in the areas of

intellectual property and commercial litigation, clearance opinion work, patent portfolio

review, and licensing. The firm will also leverage its attorneys’ extensive experience and

national recognition in representing clients in the area of inter partes and post-grant

reviews, a growing and in-demand procedure for challenging the validity of patents

before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The three partners have worked

together since 2012.

“Whenever a company hires a law firm, it’s the attorneys who make the difference,”

said Cabello. “With very few exceptions, most organizations are not well-served by

large teams of attorneys with the big national law firms. Most of the time, clients want

to find the most efficient and advantageous way — from both legal and business

standpoints — to resolve their legal issues without incurring excessive legal fees. We

have a team of like-minded partners focused on finding the best resolution for our

clients so that they can move on and grow their businesses.”

Cabello said that over the past few years, the legal community has seen several smaller

intellectual property firms being acquired by larger national firms. This has left a void for

companies looking for experienced and nimble representation at affordable rates.

“Too often, many cases get unnecessarily drawn out for years and years,” he said.

“That’s not what we want for our clients. Extended litigation can hurt their business — even if the ultimate ruling is favorable, it can be a Pyrrhic victory. Every case we take is

relentlessly prepared for trial in a cost-effective and efficient manner. In the meantime,

we look for every opportunity to resolve our client’s case while putting the client in the

most advantageous position both legally and businesswise. We want to represent them

for life, not just on this one issue.”

“The founding partners of Cabello Hall Zinda PLLC are a cohesive and highly successful

team that has represented a number of Intervale Capital portfolio companies,” said

Walt Grollitsch, general counsel and head of intellectual property at Intervale Capital, a

private equity company. “We know that we can rely on this team to zealously represent

us without needlessly driving up the expense of complex litigation.”

Partner J. David Cabello brings extensive in-house experience from Compaq Computer

Corp., Questia Media and Tricord Systems. He was also a founding partner of Wong

Cabello LLP, a nationally recognized intellectual property boutique in Houston that was

acquired by Blank Rome LLP in 2015. Cabello focuses on resolving intellectual property

disputes, including patent litigation, trade dress, trademark, trade secrets,

confidentiality agreements, copyright and unfair competition. He also brings extensive

litigation experience in intellectual property rights development and exploitation,

including infringement and validity analysis. Cabello has expertise in intellectual

property licensing, including trademarks, technology, patents and software, with a

particular emphasis in the software, communications, computer technologies and

energy sectors.

Partner James H. Hall brings extensive commercial and intellectual property litigation

experience from Wong Cabello LLP and international law firm Jones Day. He

concentrates on intellectual property disputes and related issues, including opinion

work, licensing, and inter partes and post-grant reviews at the USPTO. He has been

nationally recognized as one of the top 50 attorneys in inter partes review proceedings.

He understands the potentially enormous burden that extended intellectual property

litigation brings and is always looking for creative ways to solve his clients’ problems

both efficiently and inexpensively. Hall has experience in a wide range of technologies,

including oil field services and equipment, petro- and specialty chemicals, mechanical

devices, electrical systems and methods, chemical products and processes, computer

software, computer hardware, and consumer products.

Partner Stephen D. Zinda brings extensive intellectual property and commercial law

experience to the firm, including litigation, licensing, patent portfolio review, due

diligence, opinion work, mediation and inter partes reviews. As an experienced litigator,

Zinda has handled cases from across the spectrum, including patent, trademark, trade dress, copyright, false advertising, breach of contract, tortious interference and

defamation. His technologies experience includes oil and gas tools and chemistry,

wireless communications protocols, video and audio encoding, computer software, and

LED technologies, among others.

About Cabello Hall Zinda PLLC

Cabello Hall Zinda is a results-oriented intellectual property and commercial litigation

boutique with big law firm experience at attractive small firm rates. The firm

aggressively prepares each case for trial and relies on its decades of experience to

efficiently run cases from start to finish. Clients trust CHZ because it delivers on its

promise of efficient, top-quality representation without needlessly incurring legal

expenses. Visit for more information.

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