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Cabello Hall Zinda Obtains Chambers Rating: A Leading Small IP Firm in Houston

We are honored to have been identified in the 2023 Chambers Regional Spotlight Rankings for Texas as one of the leading small to mid-size intellectual property law firms in Houston, Texas. We highly value our selection by Chambers, and one of the most common question new clients ask is whether our firm has achieved a Chambers rating. We're proud to say that not only are we Chambers rated, but we have been recognized as one of the top small-to-midsize IP firms in the State of Texas. We were also recognized as one of 8 leading small-to-midsize IP firms in Houston. As explained by Chambers:

Chambers is on a mission to uncover and champion the best legal talent across the United States, wherever it exists, starting with shining a spotlight on Texas. The state of Texas, home to five of the top fifteen US cities by population, is a thriving market with a number of distinct and growing legal centers.

We sought to identify the leading small to medium-sized law firms offering a credible alternative to Big Law. The ranked firms were selected based on independent and in-depth market analysis, coupled with an assessment of their experience, expertise and calibre of talent.

We have awarded a Chambers Regional Spotlight ranking to 85 firms across 15 tables in 6 cities within Texas. The ranked firms are recognized for their strengths in dispute resolution, corporate/commercial, labor & employment and intellectual property matters.

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